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Jul 26, 2010
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Compiling a comprehensive list of the best places to search for a PT job and your input is needed.
Where did you find your job? What is the best website that you have used?

Searching for a job in the Boston area for after I take the boards October 2014.

APTA website


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Jul 17, 2008
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I used the above resources without much luck finding anything besides home care, but this may vary by region. I found that for the places I wanted to work, the jobs were only posted to that company/clinic/hospital's own website and only for the course of maybe a week. So I narrowed the list of places I wanted to work, bookmarked their HR/job listing pages, and then took a few minutes to check them daily. That's how I landed my current job, where openings are few and far between. If there is a greater need in your area, you may have a different experience. There is no shortage of therapists here, with 3 PT programs less than a mile from where I work.
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