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Sep 28, 2021
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Hi All! I'll be starting an OT program this summer & we only have class a few days per week in the summer (and then of course a whole course schedule beginning in the fall). I've been able to work quite a bit in undergrad, but I am wondering where people have worked during OTD programs, if at all, and how much they were able to manage.


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Hi! I'm in an MOT program but the OTD and MOT classes/workload in my program is pretty much the same for the first two years. Most people I know who work in the program have flexible jobs through the university, such as graduate assistant positions that can be done almost all on one's own time. These students seem to usually work 5-10 hours a week. Personally, I work around 5-6 hours a week and find that to be manageable. Working more would be ideal, but I find that I just cannot with all of the other demands without sacrificing self-care.

Quite a few people with outside part-time jobs quit their jobs a few weeks into the program, as the workload was just too much to be able to continue working on a schedule, including on weekends where most of us have to dedicate our time to catching up on studies and assignments.

I had no trouble working 16-20 hours a week in undergrad, but really cannot now in grad school. It might be easier for you during the summer, but working a flexible job that only demands a few hours a week seems to be ideal for most people in my program.