Jobs for Computer Science Majors interested in Medical Field

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Aug 16, 2008
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I have been working on my Premed requirements and chugging along at my current job which is in the Financial Software business. My eventual goal would be to enter into Medical school. In the meantime however, I was hoping to see if there are companies that specialize in something-to-do with Medicine out there in the NYC/NJ area that are looking for Software Engineers.

Any thoughts/ideas?

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Thanks for the ideas. Do you know of any specific companies? I was going to look them up and post my resume.
EMR vendors: Meditech, Siemens, Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, etc. There are many more. You could search on EMR vendors to see what else comes up. Also, some of these vendors like Siemens also manufacture medical devices such as MRI, CT, etc. which require lots of software development.

Something else to consider that might help you get more directly involved in healthcare would be to work on the IT staff for a local hospital. The pay is generally lower, but you would have great access to the inner workings of healthcare delivery. And you would be working with clinicians which could get you exposure to the different care areas. You could make clinical contacts, shadow, etc.