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Mar 31, 2009
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I am currently enrolled in the JHU AAP Biotechnology Program, and I've completed 7 out of 10 courses. Overall, I really like the program. Most of my classmates are premed, and it landed me an awesome job in a JHU-affiliated research laboratory, and access to the JHU network (AWESOME). I'm also gearing up to complete an independent research project with the program's thesis advisor, and feel that I have a ton of autonomy in choosing my program courses. Another word of advice: move to campus, if you can. Online coursework is almost never as rewarding unless your professor makes major changes to his or her teaching style, and there are tons of opportunities here at JHMI and in Baltimore.
If you don't mind answering, why did you choose to take classes in the Homewood campus instead of the Montgomery one? How good are the professors? And what is the best way to get a research job? Thanks in advance!
Jun 3, 2015
I chose Homewood campus because I like being closer to the medical school and to the lab where I work. I also don't have a car—some kind of transportation is pretty helpful if you're on Montgomery campus. It appears that the students living on the Montgomery campus have stronger friendships and more of a community together, which could be important if you don't know anyone in Baltimore. The professors are pretty good—5 of my professors have been outstanding (have taught the courses several times, are available for questions, are clear about exam content, make the courses challenging and informative), but 2 have been less than great (late to class, late with grading, not readily available outside of class, never using the textbooks they recommend, other factors). One of my professors is an advisor in the program, which is useful. Best way to get a research job is to apply broadly and frequently, and expand your network.
Hello axol, how hard the classes are? Can you do well working full time and taking 2 or 3 courses? I was told that Montgomery campus have a lot of works for biotechnology ?