July 17 Part 1............Your experience

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Jan 11, 2006
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Just took the exam today.

Overall it wasnt too bad. There were maybe only a few repeats (less than 5-7 for each sections). I finished Anatomical Science in 1 hour and Biochemistry section in 45 minutes. Took an early lunch break.

Micro/Path was the easiest section. There were a few that I was clueless about....I made some dumb mistakes as well. I finish that section in 40 minutes. Basically, if you know it or not...It's pointless to sit there and ponder.....

The semi-difficult section was Dental anatomy. There were many questions that I was clueless about.

Hopefully the other three parts will pull up my DA/Occ avg.

What I used:
Dental Decks, release exams, unrelease exams, remember questions, Kaplan book.

Hopefully I cracked a 90....if not....I guess I will be taking it again......hehehehheheh.............when hell freezes over. :laugh:
Not looking at this stuff again....unless I completely failed the exam.



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Sep 29, 2003
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I already posted on the other thread, but here is how I felt about today.

I finished anatomy in about 45 minutes, but biochem took me longer. I try to grind trying to find the answer in my head. I felt really good about the anatomy section, and just okay about the biochem/phys.

Micro path wasn't my easiest section, but it wasn't bad at all. Dental anatomy seemed to be harder than I expected it should be as well.

My thoughts on hardest to easiest: Biochem/ Phys, Micro/Path, Dental Anatomy, then Anatomy.

I studied Decks, old exams, and the USMLE for reference along with Netter's

Good luck to all with your results