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Jul 24, 2020
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I have taken the NBDE part 1 recently and passed. I studied for 5 weeks and that was about 2-3 hrs. daily 5 days a week. Towards the last week I spent 4 to 5 hours studying. I started with the First Aid book but it was too detailed; I am more of a visual learner so if you prefer reading material it may be right for you. I used the dental mastery app and passthedentalboards course. I made notes along the way as I went through each video in the course. The course condenses the material and many of the questions on the exam are word for word. The dental mastery app gives you a grasp on what your strengths and weaknesses are. I did 30-40 questions on the dental mastery app every day along with going through one section on the dental boards course.

A few tips:
1. Know every possible question of Dental anatomy (the questions are very specific).
2. I chose Passthedentalboards course. I found it very helpful. It is expensive but definitely worth it.
3. Dental mastery app is also a must. It keeps all the material you learned fresh and the explanations for each questions are gold.

3. If you skip the Anatomy and phys. section as a whole and just focus on dental anatomy, micro, and biochem you will be fine.
4. The only physiology that I did go through is sliding filament theory, tooth development, and the cell cycle.

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