Failed nbde part 2 twice… should I consider inbde?

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May 6, 2014
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Hello all,

So I sadly found out today that I have failed my nbde part 2 my 2nd time (my scores were 70 & 72).

Of course, I know that I won’t be eligible to take it for another 3 months starting from mid-March when I took it, and I know starting the end of july, parts 1 and 2 will cease and the inbde will officially take over.

I was wondering what do you guys think? Instead of waiting until mid June to try part 2 again, I was wondering if I can jump into inbde? Ideally I’m suppose to graduate at the end of may and I have job offers that may potentially start in august. Moreover, I do want to finally pass this hurdle preferably before graduation without it looming over my head any longer, and though I know I shouldn’t rush it, right now at least the materials I studied for nbde part 2 are still a little fresh in my mind.

What do you guys think?

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I would just take the INBDE. In terms of material, it's similar and it's case-based so you might find it easier to work with. People who have taken both have said INBDE is easier. Make sure to check out reddit, facebook groups and go over RQs to increase your odds. Good luck!
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