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Nov 14, 2008
... and having a few questions

1. How can I get clinical research experience as a non-trad, who's been out of school for 5+ yrs and have never been involved in any science/medical related field? What sort of experience is the clinical research experience (i.e. what does one do while having this experience)

2. Does volunteering with La Leche League counts as clinical experience. I know its not exactly medically related but there are certain aspects of it that may qualify it as such?

3. (important) Please recommend a General Chem I & II textbooks you have used while in Post Bac. I will be taking those two over 8 weeks during the summer, and considering how little time this is, I wanted to brush up my latent knowledge before that.


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Jul 29, 2007
2. Does volunteering with La Leche League counts as clinical experience. I know its not exactly medically related but there are certain aspects of it that may qualify it as such?
The general consensus is that any experience that doesn't include viewing patients being treated by physicians will not be looked at as clinical experience. I tried asking about my pharmacy technician experience, which I think is legit, but most people said no.
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Feb 16, 2008
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OK. I'll try....

Do you know where you are going to apply to med school and do you happen to live near one? If so, see if you can link up with someone on here that might be able to link you up with some networking opportunities inside the school. It is amazing what a foot in can get you.

If not then:

1.)try at the school you will be taking classes. Especially some of these school that are already linked to the med schools (like a 3+ 4 program). You might be surprised what professors can help you out and they are always looking to help non trads. I know this does not sound like much, but you might be surprised. Otherwise try talking to a local doc (like your own) and ask about some shadowing. ADCOMS loe this caue they want to know you know what you are getting into. If you don't know any docs see if you know any pharmaceutical reps that mightbe able to recommend one to you. There are a lot that would help.

2.) Not sure about this, but the general rule is more volunteering / service the better. Relevance is good, but quantity cant hurt.

3.) Try things like chem for dummies or various websites. I have a couple links I used.

I cant say I would really go with an actual text book as you are going to just have to bu a new one when you register and you can get what you need form these.......If you are set on gettingsomething, try the Examkrackers chemistry book, 7th edition. It is for the MCAT but would have been a great practice beforehand.

Hope that helps. Best of luck


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Sep 28, 2007
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OP, I too am a non-trad applicant and have had to "get back in the groove". So hopefully this helps.

1.) Clinical research opportunities are all around you (relatively speaking, mainly in big cities). Look up local University/College Health Field Volunteer Programs, look up local hospital volunteer programs, talk to your primary care physician to see if he/she will let you shadow, or just be proactive and research a field of medicine you are interested in and start talking to doctors. The worst that can happen is that they don't want you around, but take it from me being open, honest and interested will usually at least get you a sit down talk about the medical field or referrals to other Physicians who don't mind shadows. Bottom line is to make sure that you are seeing/interacting with patients. Also academic research is available through Universities/Colleges, and being published is a big plus for the application process. Once again you need to be pro-active and seek them out. Many research project managers would love an extra hand in the lab, but more often than not lab experience is required.

2.) Not sure what that program is, but I agree with the post above that if it doesn't involve dealing directly with patients, then it isn't considered clinical experience.

3.) I took G-Chem I & G-Chem II w/labs last semester and the book I used was "Chemistry, A Molecular Approach" by Nivaldo J. Tro. The book is pretty straight forward and in-depth. Tons of practice problems and a CD is included as well for "interactive" study.

Hope that helps and good luck in the upcoming process!


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Jun 21, 2006
Meatbone1 posted these last week. Hope they help!

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