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Nov 5, 2003
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    I remember standing in front of a room full of engineers and scientists giving a talk at the Materials Research Society Conference in SF. I had just finished a talk about semiconductor materials research I had spent the past two years doing and it was time for questions. Someone stood up and asked me a total stumper question. It was a good background question, totally fair game, and I had no idea how to answer it without waving my arms widely. It was like one of those arriving at school to notice your completely naked dreams.

    What made it worse was the first thing I thought was "Who really friggin' cares? Isn't this whole conference a career charade?", not a good time to question your field of work when all your peers are staring silently at you. It was just one of a chain of events that convinced me that I am in the wrong field. I've continued to publish mostly to clear out all my research data and I do like collaborating with people, but I have yet to go to a conference since...
    Oops this was supposed to go in the 'what was everyone doing before the decided that MED was the way to go" thread. Oh well...
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