kaplan FLs vs real deal

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Jun 6, 2009
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Was wondering if anyone who, has done some Kaplan FLs, would want to share how they did on the real deal?
I have been doing alot of kaplan FLs and several aamcs. My average on kaplan was around a 34-35 w standard d of 3 points, while on aamc around a 33.
Just took the june 18th mcat and am very curious if my kaplan scores will reflect how I did on the real thing.

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There is a strange connection between your AAMC practice average and your real score.. For MOST people, the real score is +/- 1 or 2 points from their AAMC practice average
I took the kaplan class and I got between a 27-29 on my FL's, but then I got a 30 on my MCAT but i know I made some mistakes I shouldn't have because I got a little rushed on the PS section. From what I have heard most people do better on the real MCAT then the kaplan FL's. Good Luck Hope you did great!
Thanks for your encouraging words guys
It has been devastating just reading the May 22nd thread..
reading how others get so nervous just makes me nervous