kaplan physics topical

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Apr 27, 2005
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anyone recently go throught the physics topical on force motion gravitation and equilbrium? I am just having the hardest time with this one. I read the explanations and then I think... I would never have thought that. I just don't know what to do, I think I am having a hard time understanding the concept the way they explain it, anyone in the same boat?

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I am! The physics topicals are killing me. I go to class/do the workshops/read the assignment and start feeling generally confident until I start taking the Physics topicals and getting 4-5 correct out of 18!! Ugh. :scared: Physics is my nemesis!
Dont feel bad, I am having the exact same problem with those stupid physics topics. I too am getting 5 right. Its crazy. But, my kaplan teacher has told me that Kaplan makes them so hard that you should try not to get discouraged. If I were you, I would look into getting the EK 1001 physics books, those questions are a bit better. Dont feel bad, you arent alone.
Good news! The Kaplan science topicals are a bit harder than the real MCAT. On the other hand, the Verbal ones are not bad. However, I do recommend going through all the topicals because they force you to go over a chunk of passages at a time. Always time yourself when doing these topicals. Remember to also take a full-length exam at the end of 2-3 weeks of intensive study. They are the best gauge of how you will do on the real thing.

Best of luck.
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One thing I feel would be really important in mine and anyones success on the MCATS is to get a good feeling as to how you are doing on the specific material you are taking. If I am doing really well on easy material, than come test day I won't do well and vice versa. That is why those of you guys taking Kaplan topicals I was wondering if we could form sort of a bank of information on each topical saying whether you think its hard, medium, or easy and than whether or not you are good in that area.

For example, I just did the Physics topical on translational motion (Test 1), personally physics is my worst subject, however, i got 11 out of 16 right but the ones I got wrong were due to some stupid mistakes.
Is 11/16 good for this topical? anyone have any imput?

Topical: Reproductive System and Devlopment (Test 1)
10/16? made a couple of stupid mistakes and there were a couple of questions I just didn't know? am I doing well? or am I doing horrible? anyone got any feedback?

Thank you for anyone that responds and keeps this trend going, cause I at least want to know, and i'm assuming others want to know also?
DOOOOOM This was Uber hard, I only got 8 right and 9 wrong.... did you guys think this was was really hard? or medium hard?? anyone??
Biological Molecules test 1:
7 Right 11 Wrong =(......... Can't wait to go over these topicals and learn absolutely nothing, anyone else have any problems with this one?

Digestive and Excretory Test 1:
This went quite well 14 right and 2 wrong.... am I just that much better at Bio or was this topical that much easier? any insight?