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Sep 17, 2004
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how useful is it to take an actual kaplan step 1 course? when studying for the mcat, i took the princeton course and liked it. however,i felt that i new the science enough that without going to the princeton classes, i would have still done well just studying the princeton material on my own. however, now in med school, my basic science strength has changed. i go to a pbl school where we do not have very great teachers. we are pretty much on our own. it worries me a little to know that M1's in other schools learned much more than me or my classmates may have. so for those that have taken the course and those that have not, what are your suggestions on the best study method? thanks.

Dr. Rosenrose

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Oct 16, 2004
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I used kaplan webprep for step 1, i did not use any review course for MCAT. I liked kaplan, i did not have any surprises when it came step 1 time. My step 1 score was average, maybe a point or two above.
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