Kaplan qbook vs Kaplan Qbank

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Jul 25, 2005
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Hi y'all I was wondering if someone who had done both could give me a quick summary of which is better? I know that the qbook is only 850 q's but are they the same or similar to the qbank or should I only do the qbank (even though it is a bit more expensive). This is keeping in mind that I already did Uworld qbank. Thanks.:D

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If you have time only for one of them and you already did UW, I'd say go for Qbook. It's cheaper.
are the questions the same or is the qbank more challenging? thanks.
q book is like split up in subjects not systems, its okay good explanations but limited, qbank has a huge answer pool web based, and i feel like its a lot better :)

up to u, ur choice apparently uworld is the goldstandardfor board prep