Kcom housing?

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Oct 3, 2001
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Well hubbie has his interview on the 15th at Kcom and we are really excited!
Since we will be in town for a couple days, we thought we might start looking at housing/apartment options so that we are ready come fall if need be.
So, any tips of where to look or who to call or anything, would be greatly appreciated!!!
Also, any other things we should do while in Kirksville? Other then try out the great texmex? (see? I have been reading the threads! lol).
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Rebecca aka 'A Spouse'

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Four Horizons Realty is the major renter in town. There is also a black book in the admissions office that is extrememly helpful. It gives a full description of the aparment as well as leasing prices and arrangements.
If you are going to be in Kirksville in the middle of November, I would recommend taking a drive down to the lake (5 mile drive) and taking a look at the fall foliage. It is really scenic.
Enjoy the ville.
NOt much else to do. ONce you get accepted you can go to a website. (I believe it is <a href="http://www.kirksvillecity.com)" target="_blank">www.kirksvillecity.com)</a> and go to the section for new residents. It gives you addresses phone numbers etc to help you get your electricity etc set up. It is a very helpful website.

Just spend your time getting to know the town and deciding if it is a place you want to spend 2 years.
DO NOT RENT ANYTHING SITE UNSEEN!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH!!!!!! There is a lot of CHEAP housing in the 'Ville AND, a lot that is not fit for human habitation!!! So, you want to see before you sign!!!