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May 23, 2022
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Hi all,

What are your thoughts on TCOM (UNTHSC) vs KCU (Kansas City location)?

I live in Texas currently, and in combination with the tuition difference, TCOM seems like the better option. But what are your thoughts when considering the following items:

1. 3rd year clerkship sites (KCU allows you to build your own 3rd year rotations (following the guidelines) at which ever hospital, if you’d like to. I have really good connections to a specific hospital that I could utilize for this but obviously isn’t a guarantee).
2. Residency placement specialities
3. Student life (KCU has really emphasized being student-centric).
4. Curriculum intensity (don’t know if this is different at either school).

I know from my above points it seems that KCU makes the best sense - but that’s also partly because I haven’t really given TCOM a good look. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!!

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I don’t think any of the points above justify paying an extra $30k/year and moving away from your support system. My vote is TCOM all the way.
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TCOM is litterally the best DO program in the country. Great city, super well established, high COMLEX scores, great matches, and cheaper tuition. My mentor here at my program graduated from TCOM and two residents that I learn from graduated from TCOM. They're super smart, chill, and kind people. Pick TCOM, seriously.
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