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You said you wanted to stay in Cali, so go with TUCOM if that's a big factor for you. Especially if match lists and board pass rates are similar.
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I am lucky to have two acceptances but I'm not sure which to take. I want to stay in Cali and I am interested in a semi/competitive surgical specialty. Which of the two would be best? Both have relatively even match lists given class size but KCU seems older and more established. Thanks for any help.
Who has the cheaper tuition?
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They're the sameish and costs aren't an issue for me luckily. Do you think KCU is a much better school, enough that I should go there? Appreciate your help as always.
They're both good enough to be a coin toss.
Make a list of the plusses and minuses of each and the school with the most plusses wins you.
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Lol, I've never been to Kansas but I like the bay a lot.
KCU is in Missouri not Kansas just FYI
Kansas City sits on the border between the two states, but most of it is in Missouri.