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Aug 29, 2017
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I would like to inform prospective applicants of any residency program for LAC+USC that the program benefits may be different from what is listed on the residency program website. The website does not clarify that some residents are not paid by LA County, but rather by Keck School of Medicine. Residents that are to be paid by Keck rather than County are chosen randomly, and benefits for Keck paid residents are different than for County. Specifically, Keck paid residents are not paid for orientation, not reimbursed for sick days that have not been taken, and not reimbursed for meals on rotations outside of Los Angeles County (County paid residents get meal reimbursements of meals up to $25 per day when they rotate outside of LAC). They also do not get perks such as a monthly stipend for demonstrating Spanish proficiency. It really sucks to find out your benefits are not the same as your co-residents.
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