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Last minute advice


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Feb 10, 2004
    Hey guys,

    Haven't posted much, but wondering if anyone could give me a little advice or insight into a few programs.

    Really having difficulty deciding how to rank


    If any has any info on these programs, reputation, etc. it would be really appreciated.


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    May 10, 2003
      As a student from Loyola I can tell you this program is outstanding and it is only going to get better. I attribute their growing success to the chairman (Dr. Gamelli). One of the nicest chairman you will meet. He is extremely commited to resident and student education. He heads up the burn ICU. Residents are nearly completely autonomous in running the unit although he is very open to any questions residents have. He has turned around the faculty over the past several years and the majority of them are fantastic. Residents are happy and they are matching very well into fellowships. Hope this helps. I will gladly answer any further questions about Loyola. I interviewed at Georgetown and was not all that impressed. Residents did not seem all that happy. I was least impressed by 2 attendings who seemed more proud of where they trained (Brigham and MGH), then where they were currently employed. One lunch conversation was focused around how great his training was at Brigham yet he failed to mention Georgetowns program. However, I was impressed by the chairman who seems to be doing some good things for the program. Overall I believe they match well into fellowships but not convinced I would be happy there for 5 years.
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      Feb 28, 2003
        In response to Loyola/Rush/Gtown/Temple,
        I am a student from Loyola who did an away at Rush. Vastly different feeling at the two programs. Rush is run by private doc's in a university setting. Loyola is all University. Both are excellent training places with residents getting fellowship choices. Gamelli the chair at Loyola is fantastic. Friends of mine have likened him to their high school football coach, always challenging yet supportive. Extremely sincere and nice person. There was a Malignant personality to the program in the past, but a few of the old school surgeons have retired which has had a positive impact on the feel of the program. There are still times when residents are stressed. Could be just surgery in general though? I will say that the Loyola program is extremely heavy in trrauma, with some very difficult personalities within that subdivision. Good program, not for the faint of heart though. Loyola is located 20 min west of downtown chi town. Rush, located 5 min west of downtown is vastly different in feel. I rotated at Rush (not Cook County) and had an excellent experience. The Rush experience is very resident friendly and cushy cushy. Residents were good, fun people. Attendings had a great time in the OR. Have no idea about Gtown, only what the other poster from loyola has told me. Temple, I turned down my interview offer there, heard it was in an awful part of philly and had a lot of faculty changes. Don't know anyone in philly though which did not help them. I would say rank Loyola/Rush according to your personality. Can't go wrong at either, just a matter of how hard core you want your training to be. Geography has to be a factor for you as well with the 4 programs. Rank them according to your gut feeling. You want to be happy.:thumbup:
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