last minute biochem help

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May 19, 2008
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i'm taking step I in 6 days, but i seem to keep missing all of the UWorld ?'s on biochem. i've gone through the biochem section in FA a few times and always think that i know it well, but when i get to the questions, i generally have no idea how to answer them. any advice on how to brush up on the subject? i have hi yield biochem, the kaplan books, and the kaplan lectures, but i'm not sure which of those will be most efficient given the short amount of time i have...or if there's something else i should use instead for this last minute review.

thanks in advance!

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Try BRS (Board Review Series) Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Genetics. It's great. Good luck.
The kaplan biochemistry book is really good but it consumes a lot of time. I think that the best approach for you, considering you don't have too much time, would be to read FA (again) and do a lot of questions so you can learn how to approach them.
FA is all you need (more than you need most likely). the questions will be clinically relevant (what enzyme is deficient in Von gierke's glycogen storage d/o etc.). Big things are the congenital deficiencies like PKU, galactosemia, lysosomal storage disorders (hunter, hurlers, tay sachs...), OTC deficiency. I would focus on that.

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