Last minute CS question

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Dec 23, 2002
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In FA, the part in the front about the counseling says that you say what the most likely differentials are, the workup, and answer questions. However, in the sample cases, there is a checkbox for things like "discussed safe sex practices" or "discussed benefits of smoke cessation". So, is this part of the counseling or not? I am taking it tomorrow so any quick responses would be much appreciated. :oops:

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While I am asking questions, I also would like to know whether anyone has made up info on the patient note (forgot to check for peripheral edema but commented on the absence of edema in the patient note). The reason I ask is because it says that the video recording is not used for grading, only safety. If so, how would they know that you really didn't do something in the exam? I know the SP grades what you have done when you leave the room but surely you could slip a few by and it would be chalked up to the SP forgetting to mark you or something. Anyone do this?