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Last Week Before MCAT?

An Yong

Senior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Sep 13, 2002
So what does everyone plan on doing the last week before the MCAT? The obvious answer should be no studying, but anyone have any tips to squeeze out that last bit of advantage before hitting the big day on april 17th?

For me, I plan on getting back to working out again... God I look forward to this, I haven't worked out since december hehe, besides increasing circulation and metabolism is always a good thing =P.

One tip I read on examkrackers: Load up on carbohydrates 2 days before the MCAT because glucose stores for approx two days.

I thought of trying out some relaxation techniques, can anyone recommend something?


Senior Member
15+ Year Member
Oct 14, 2003
In the week before the test, do what you normally do before tests. I personally didn't feel comfortable doing nothing that week, but that's just me. In fact, I studied harder and longer that week than any other last summer. I finally stopped when I got a good score on an aamc test, so I could end on a high note, and feel good about going into the real test. However, most people I know stopped about 3-4 days before the mcat. I don't believe in the carb loading thing--you're not running a marathon or anything that will drain your glycogen stores. Therefore, a carb load will do nothing more than pack on some fat prior to your test--unless of course you routinely do lots of prolonged cardio. As far as relaxation, I can't offer many tips except to go into the test with a positive attitude, which you can achieve by doing well on your last couple full length practice tests.


Senior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Oct 30, 2002
New York City
  1. Medical Student
I took the AAMC tests. One a day each day Monday-Thursday. This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it totally prepared me. I felt like a marathon runner...the actual MCAT was just one more race.

Friday I had a whole relaxation day planned...workout, sauna, manicure/pedicure, no studying. Then Thursday afternoon the lights went out...remember that? :laugh: So I ended up just sitting around my apartment glancing through flashcards and watching Judge Judy. (Our block was like the only one in Jersey City that NEVER LOST POWER...go figure).

You're the only one who knows what will relax you the most. Technically I didn't "study", but hitting full-length tests day after day really helped me feel relaxed about the real deal.
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