Last week before the MCAT

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Apr 27, 2008
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At this point in time I am not a week away from the MCAT, but I am already planning for the day (I test May 28th).

Anyway, so I was trying to figure out a strategy...

I am have been noticing that if I don't touch on material for about a month I forgot a lot of the fine details. I have already finished all of my content review, and I am just continuing to brush up and take practice tests in the mean time.

I was thinking of going over all my old practice exams, and 'cramming' all the fine details in the last week, or just saving some AAMC practice tests to take in last week to be in the zone of testing.

Either way, I was just going to rest the day before the exam. I didn't think I really need more than a day though, but I could be wrong...

What seemed to be a better strategy for you to be fresh with everything the day of the exam?

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the first time i took the exam, I "rested" the whole day by watching tv working out, hanging out with friends. etc + did way below my average.

The second time i took the exam, I very casually studied, I was even watching tv while studying. I scored right at my average of practice tests.

Anyways just wanted to tell you my experience, good luck
i haven't taken the test yet (taking it on 4/18 :eek:) but i think that taking any time off from mcat studying is a bad idea. I think it could very likely throw me off. but since you have so much time till your test date, why don't you try it out. Take like a four-day vacation from mcat and then take aamc 8 or somethin (i hear it's representative). Then take aamc 9 in the middle of really heavy studying days and compare results. obviously the exams are different but it might give you SOME idea of whether taking a break is a good idea
You shouldn't even attempt to "cram" for the MCAT. To be clear, when I think of cramming, I'm talking about going over all of the MCAT topics and studying long into the night. Beyond cramming not being helpful, content isn't even the most important part of the MCAT. The best skill to hone for the MCAT is MCAT test taking, which is why taking tons of practice problems is stressed. Hence, I suggest you save a couple tests to take and go over.

Day 1: Test
Day 2: Review + practice problems
Day 3: Review + practice problems
Day 4: Test
Day 5: Review + practice problems
Day 6: Review + practice problems
Day 7: Rest
Day 8: MCAT

Yes, taking a break day is important.

time2go: It sounds like you simply choked. That's what is usually the cause behind a large decrease from one's practice test average.
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I have one month left till my MCAT and i can't tell if test-taking is my only problem or also the content review, so I'm trying to improve both. Is there a 1-month schedule you would recommend (the high-yield stuff)? I've looked at your 3-month schedule, Sn2ed and that was pretty impressive! Any tips for me? I would really appreciate it :)