"Late in cycle" definition and timing in COVID era


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Jun 20, 2018

I am wondering if the adcoms have any insight into how this cycle will play out in terms of timing given our current knowledge (3X normal applications in first few days, many applications without MCATs until later than normal, distance interviews, etc etc).

I plan to submit my primary in ~10 days. My sense is that in prior cycles, this would be just on the edge of early bordering on "on-time", and would likely not impact your overall application negatively. What about a June 15-20th submission this cycle? In your best estimation, will this in any way negatively impact chances at top schools and/or decrease overall number of interviews/acceptances received vs that of first week submission?

Thanks, and apologies if this is in any way repetitive.


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May 25, 2018
I’ll be brutally honest and say that you should submit early as possible.

I had the same mentality and honestly, I would have probably had more interviews from schools if I had submitted earlier. I kept pushing my primary submission cause I wanted a perfect PS lol.

I’m a pretty average applicant and most of the schools in my range didn’t get back to me until super last minute. While most of my friends who submitted super early heard back earlier as well. A really superb application would fair fine if it were submitted a lil late, but if you’re pretty average or slightly above — I’d really advise submitting the earliest you can.

Good luck!!! You’ll pull through !!!

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Jan 7, 2020
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You'll be fine delaying by a week. Looking at last year's verification thread, people who submitted 6/15 were verified on 7/10, which is the first day that AMCAS is sending processed applications out to schools. With the increased number of early applicants and covid, it'll take longer, but honestly if you're verified by the end of July you'll be in a fine spot. Just be careful to not let that week turn into two and three and so on, set a deadline for yourself!


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Jul 26, 2009
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With the slower progress of AMCAS verification this cycle, which in turn will slow the rate of applications reaching schools, which will force schools to stretchout their evaluation, interview and review times, not to mention the MCAT delays, I am advising applicants that being complete at school before Oct 1st is reasonable and means that there will be no “lateness” impact to your application. And as always, you do not get in because you were first, you get in because your application is good. Taking more time to polish your application is what is needed.
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