Dec 1, 2010
I am reapplying this year after only being interview at two schools in Florida (where I am a resident) 30Q MCAT, overall GPA 3.75 @ a great out of state school, and a science GPA of ~3.8 , volunteer at a childrens hospital for a year, outreach girl scout troop leader for a year, 1 1/2 years of neuroscience research (published), active involvement in a panhellenic sorority requiring 20 hrs of community service a semester , come from a long line of doctors, and with this year off have been working ~30 hrs a week as a medical assistant in a pediatricians office and continuing my research... I have received three interviews so far, but have yet to hear back from the two schools I interviewed at last year, even though by this time I had already heard from them last year despite submitting my applications later. I rode the waitlist all the way to august on one school that I really loved and was placed on hold and than eventually rejected from the other Florida school...Is this normal that I would hear later form them even though I feel like I am a stronger applicant this time around? I am starting to really stress out since this is not my first rodeo...any advice would help! Thanks


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Jul 3, 2008
I would suggest you to contact the school and ask them your application status. If not, send them a letter indicating your great desire and interest of studying medicine at their institution :) Response times can vary from year to year so don't stress. Instead, take the initiative and ask the schools :thumbup:


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May 15, 2008
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Your stats are pretty good. The MCAT could be higher, but should be good enough to get some interviews. I agree w/contacting the school where you were on the wait list last year - just write them or call them and tell them they are your top choice school, etc. It won't hurt, unless you go crazy endlessly bugging them.

Do you think your LOR's are strong? Do you have some volunteer hours in a hospital? Your application looks strong, and with it I feel like you should have gotten more than 1 wait list last year. Sometimes schools are not familiar with an out of state college/university, even if it is great. Have you talked with your undergrad school, to get advice (if they have a premed advisor) about what you can go do improve the presentation of your application?

If you don't get in this year, may need to consider retaking the MCAT, if you've only taken it once or twice, to see if you can raise your score.

You seem like someone who has a good shot, so don't let anyone shut the door in your face if you really want to be a physician. Sometimes I think that some adcom members may wonder if your parents made you apply, as they are physicians, so you may have to convince them that isn't the case during the interview(s). Also, be able to state why you want to be a doctor.
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