Latest dates for interviews?


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Mar 4, 2004
    I am trying to schedule my 4th year rotations for next year and want to block off some time in Dec or January/February for anticipated interviews. When do programs usually begin interviewing and when does the interview season usually end? For those of you who just went through the process, any feedback you may have would be of help to my scheduling.

    I am wondering specifically how far into Jan/Feb have interviews been granted?



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    Aug 25, 2003
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      MY last interview was January 30th. I started late though - November 19th. Most 4th year clerkship directors are flexible about taking time off for interviews. I did take December and January off (research month and vacation month) though...

      Many of my classmates took at least 3-4 days off per month for interviews.


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      Jan 11, 2004
        Most interviews occur in December and January, with a few trailing into February. If you get your application in early enough (I submitted mine in beginning of October), you can schedule some interviews in November -- I had 4-5 interviews in November (including Baylor and UVA).

        If your school allows it, you can still get some credit during your interview months. During January, while I was off interviewing, I was working on a project back home -- so I ended up getting a few weeks of credit while I was on the interview trail. I highly recommend this, as you can thus fulfill requirements a lot quicker and have more time for...vacation at the end of 4th year!


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        Jan 7, 2004
          My interviews were from November to the beginning of February. (By the end of the interview season I began cancelling a lot of interviews at programs I was less interested in.)

          I did my PM&R electives in July and August which I felt worked out nicely. It gave me enough time to get my PM&R rec letters submitted to ERAS way before the Deans letter was released. Many programs review your application before the Deans letter is released as well and its nice to get interviews out of the way early when you're full of steam.

          I hope this helps.

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