Law charging opioid dealers for manslaughter/Argument about opioid epidemic

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I just wanted to see what people here think about this issue. I got into an argument today with someone about a local law (I'm not sure if it was actually passed, or was just a possibility), and whether it was something that seemed reasonable (what do people here think). From what I've heard, this law has something to do with drug dealers caught dealing opioids being charged for manslaughter.

I disagreed with this law, and argued with this guy that laws passed penalizing drug dealers haven't worked in the past. I don't think the consequence of manslaughter is going to deter anyone from selling drugs any more than the charges that already exist would.

To deal with the opioid epidemic, I think there are other things we can improve, such as the treatment of the underlying psychiatric comorbidities that accompany many people's addictions to these drugs. Or improved treatment approaches that address the sociological and psychological inadequacies that these people may be experiencing, and hence, why they may turn to drugs.

The first thing he said in arguing with me was, "I am a pharmacist." It was as if his pharmacy degree and knowledge of the chemistry of drugs makes his opinion on drug policy more valid than my own. This is called an appeal to authority. Just because you're in the military doesn't make you an expert on foreign policy. Instead of actually presenting evidence for his argument, he chose the pretentious route and tried to say that his professional degree makes his the voice of reason.

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The people who are going to respond to this law have already forgotten about the term "Mandatory Minimum" and the whole Clinton era. :laugh: