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LECOM Erie vs TouroCOM Harlem WL


New Member
Jan 7, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi all, I have an acceptance at LECOM Erie PBL and I am on the waitlist for TouroCOM Harlem, but recently received an email about my interest. I heard good things about both schools therefore I am conflicted on whether or not I should continue waiting on TouroCOM because school starts in one month. Any input would be highly appreciated, thank you.
Both schools have mandatory classes and a graded system.

Pros: cheap tuition + fees (roughly $42,000 + COL~$54,000)
cost of living is cheap
PBL curriculum: ~2hr class 3x a week + ~3 exams per semester

Cons: far from home + family
I don't have a car (yet)
not the best weather

Pros: close to home + family + friends (I can commute from home)
No need for a car
hope to match in NYC so potentially more opportunities (?)

Cons: Mandatory class almost every day with 1-2 exams on Mondays
Tuition is $58,800.
Will be about $10,000 more per year than LECOM


The Real PG
Staff member
7+ Year Member
May 10, 2012
  1. Medical Student
Based on your pros, I would choose TouroCOM if you get off the WL (even though tuition is higher). If not, well then you will be headed to LECOM-E which isn't a bad school but you want to be sure you are comfortable with the PBL curriculum.
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