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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by calbears84, Jun 7, 2002.

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    i noticed that a lot of osteo schools require a letter of rec from a DO. i have no idea of how i can get a letter from a DO. any suggestions?
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    You can go to this website and search for DOs in your area:

    <a href="http://directory.aoa-net.org/cfm/PublicSearch.cfm" target="_blank">http://directory.aoa-net.org/cfm/PublicSearch.cfm</a>

    Also, try looking in the Yellow Pages for DOs.

    When I was looking for a DO to shadow and talk to about a letter of recommendation, I opened the Yellow Pages and just started writing letters telling them exactly what I needed...a DO to talk to and a letter to apply to school.

    I wrote 8 letters and got 1 response. Not too bad if you ask me.

    Another suggestion would be to see if the hospitals in your area have DOs on staff and see if you can shadow them.

    Many hospital websites list all of their physicians right there on the website and even tell if they are an MD or DO.

    If all else fails, call a DO school that you are close to (TUCOM or COMP?) and ask them if they know of any DOs who regularly have students.

    Good luck to you!


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