Letter of Recommendation Question, Only One Anesthesia LOR

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Aug 24, 2003
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So far, I have only one LOR from anesthesia but it is from the former dept. chair and he is apparently known due to his being a board examiner,etc. I will have four LORs total soon; one from OB/GYN and two from IM, both courses which I received high honors in. I may also have a surgery LOR coming but am not sure.

My question is whether I need more anesthesia LORs or will this suffice to be competitive at top programs?

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It is my understanding that your primary focus should be on having 3 solid letters, regardless of who they are from. Just submit the letters that are from people that you think know you best. One anesthesiology letter is absolutely fine...in fact, you would probably be ok without an anesthesiology letter at all...but whatever.