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Jan 8, 2003
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hey guys,

i am sure that someone has posted this somewhere but i cant find it. anywho, my university has a pre-med committee which i am using to enter med school for fall 2005. we have to have 3 letters of rec... 2 science, 1 non-science, and one outside source. i feel like i know my teachers just from after- class small talk, but i was wondering how i should approach them about just signing the committee card that puts them down as my evaluators. this concern arises from the pre-med committee stating that they want evals from upper-level courses, but i loved my intro chem class and could get a decent letter from the prof. i have seen him since the class but am concerned about him remembering my performance in the course me in general. what should i do?? :confused:

side note: i was going to submit my personal statement, transcript and resume to each evaluator so that they had more information about me to aide in their eval... what do you think? is that too much?


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Mar 19, 2004
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I am not sure why your committee is adamant about you getting recomendations from upper level science classes. Perhaps they think that you are more likely to get a good recommendation from a professor from a higher level class because there are fewer people in that class and it is more likely that the prof will get to know you. If however you feel that your intro to chem professor knows you better than ask him for a recomendation.

I didn't really know most of my proffesors very well. I knew one because I worked for her but with the others I just had a class with them and talked to them after class maybe once. I asked them for a recommendation and I supplied them with my personal statement, my activities list, and my resume.

It worked out. A number of my interviewers commented on how good my recommendations were and I was suprised to hear that. I didn't expect them to be any good because the profs didn't really know me. But I guess I was wrong

Good luck.
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