Lewis School of Medicine Supplemental Application ACT Scores?

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Jun 7, 2023
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Hi, I am applying to the 2023-24 cycle and noticed that Lewis Katz has an optional area to put ACT scores on their supplemental application. They say "Previous standardized test scores may be helpful in our comprehensive review of your application." I don't have a bad ACT score, but it isn't incredible. Would there be any benefit in withholding this, or is it best to just go ahead and include it? Thanks!

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Think they just use it for research purposes, so it wouldn't hurt to put it down. I doubt they would judge you based on an ACT score >4 years ago
With test optional undergraduate admissions, I'm not sure how useful the question will be. However, we know that if you are a good standardized test taker, chances are good you do well on other tests.