Jun 3, 2015
I noticed that some universities, such as a UC, have both a B.S. and B.A. degrees you can pursue. I have always wanted to attend a liberal arts college because of its small size and the well-rounded education it gives. I am a currently a first year community college student and I think a liberal arts education will greatly help me in the future in medicine. The problem is I might not get into the liberal arts college I want, which are occidental college or Pomona college, so my back up plan is to go to a UC instead. If that were to happen, will I still receive the same liberal arts education like that of a liberal arts college if I were to choose a major with a B.A.?

In simpler sentences, is a B.A. in biology from a UC and a B.A. from a liberal arts college the same?
I know that at a liberal arts college you'll have more interaction with your professors because of the small students to faculty ratio, which potentially helps with letter of rec, while at a UC the ratio is the opposite, and you have less chance to talk or interact with the professor.

I appreciate any offers or suggestions. Thank you
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