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Dec 1, 2009
I have been considering taking advantage of the scholarships provided by the army to Medical students. As far as the money goes it seems like the same except that to banks I owe money, and the army/other branches of military I owe time. Only a few things concern me at the moment.
1. Residency. To Military Doctors perform residency, and if they do not will that hinder them from getting a job in the civilian world later?
2. going overseas. I do not like the idea of leaving my family and friends behind. It is one thing to move to base an hour or couple states away, but I could always catch a plain on the weekends or something. It would be easier on a base in the US than overseas. Will the military force me to go overseas, or will they station me on a base (hopefully close to home) and let me practice there for 4-7 years(depending on whether residency is required and how long.
3.If residency is required what is it like. Do i perform residency on a base or is it just like residency to a civilian and the military pays for it while I perform residency, and afterwards serve 2-3 years for the residency training also. Or perhaps residency is part of the 4 years that I will be serving to make up for their paying for my education. They consider my working on the base in a military hospital or something residency.
4.I am not worried so much about the money because for 4-7 years after graduating I would be living on a very low income to wipe out the debt. But some people say you make more in the army as a doctor than in the civilian world. to my understanding you only make like 20 thousand a year. is this figure wrong, and if it is, what is the correct figure or how is that much more than what a doctor is the civilian world makes.


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Jul 15, 2009
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something you'll learn in the military is that you're not a beautiful and unique snowflake who is entitled to duplicate threads.


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Jun 1, 2009
There's a military forum around here somewhere, check it out. I thought about HPSP but after reading somethings i changed my mind. If you want to do medicine because you love it, i dont know if its something you would like, but if you want to be in the military, go for it.


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Dec 5, 2008
Answers to your Qs

(1) & (3) Yes, the military has their own residencies, and they are excellent. They will not in any way hinder your job prospects in civilian life. The military match happens earlier than the civilian MD/DO matches, and most are on military bases.

You can apply for a civ residency, but that's not likely to be allowed.

Doing a residency does not pay off your commitment. Military residencies pay more than civilian residencies by at least 10k on average.

(2) Yes, you will be forced overseas for TDY. And it will be for months at a time. And depending on the branch, it could be longer periods of time. Some places (Bitburg, Germany; Lakenheath, England; etc) allow families. Many do not. Expect to move every 2 years regardless.

If you join the Navy, you will be a general medical officer after finishing med school, but before starting your residency. You will most likely on a boat or island somewhere and will not be able to be with your family for a year.

(4) Financially, it's a great move if you do family medicine, pediatrics, or what the Air Force calls aerospace medicine (which is really just primary care). Otherwise, you're really breaking about even, or losing money if you plan on doing one of the better paying specialties.

I plan on primary care and have a lot of debt from previous schooling, so it was a hard decision not to accept the HPSP, but I think it was the right thing. I too don't want to be away from my family

hope this helps


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Oct 12, 2004
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