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Jul 30, 2011
I know a professor well. She teaches Mathematics. Gets paid over $100,000 a year by her university. Has a Ph.D. from Stanford and taught at Harvard for nearly 10 years in a related discipline. But now she teaches at a directional school, although she could easily get a position at any top school if she wanted (she's also Black, so in demand). She works at a directional school for the lifestyle and freedom. She teaches Mondays and Wednesdays, three classes, and gets done around noon on both days. The rest of the time she operates a shelter for battered women. Being at a directional school does not require her to do any research. So she doesn't spend any time on research either. She told me, "You live only once and might as well enjoy it instead of slaving for the White man's system day after day". Now is such a lifestyle possible if someone is a faculty in medicine? I am just curious. I'd appreciate hearing only from those who know about academic medicine and are already in the system.


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Oct 10, 2007
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I'd appreciate hearing only from those who know about academic medicine and are already in the system.
You can work half time and do this at a University or at a VA medical center. One of the other 4 residents in my class ended up as a life-long instructor because she did not care about publishing and only did clinical care. At my current program, one of my faculty works 60% while she is raising her kids. One of my clinical fellows who recently graduated also got into a private practice group at 60% (3 days/week) job. However, it is hard to do this and run a research lab (and pay will be substrantially lower).
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