Lightbulb moment: write secondary responses before you receive your secondaries

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Jun 3, 2014
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At this point in the cycle, getting your primary app submitted and sending back secondaries is a race against the clock. During my first application cycle, I would receive a secondary invitation, work on my essay, wait a week and look at it again with a clear mind, and send it in. I sat on some secondaries for a month just trying to make sure I had every line perfect. Welp, I didn't get in. I was so far behind in that application cycle. My biggest advice to being accepted is applying early, especially if you have average stats.

One of the biggest time savers in the application process: find the prompts for the secondaries sent out by the schools you're applying to and start working on them when your primary application is being verified. Most schools send you a secondary as soon as they receive your primary, so it's likely you'll have twelve sets of essays to do all at the same time once your app has been sent to the schools. Start a document with all of the secondaries and start answering the prompts. This will allow you to do the whole "walk away and come back to it to see if it makes sense later" thing we were all told about in grade school. Then when you get your secondary invitation, BAM! Copy and paste. You'll have already looked over your responses a dozen times.

This may seem obvious to some people. I don't know why I didn't think about it my first time around. So if you haven't thought about it yet, this is me grabbing and shaking your shoulders to tell you to "STOP SITTING ON SECONDARIES!"


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