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Oct 7, 2005
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  1. Medical Student
I must have checked and rechecked the R3 system a hundred times. How come having the algorithm done by the computer in no way decreases my unease?

Anyway, good luck to everyone.
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Jun 14, 2002
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  1. Resident [Any Field]
Yes. The waiting game sux0rs.


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Oct 28, 2002
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Yes. The waiting game sux0rs.

Death Note roxx0rz though. I just started watching it yesterday and wound up having a marathon viewing session. I watched all 18 episodes overnight. Med school for me, now, consists of rounding daily with the anime service and covering consults for the video game service. I start my Monster rotation next month. (Yeah... that was terrible. Shows how crazy I am from being in limbo.)

So now I have to wait for new episodes of Death Note along with waiting for March 15. :scared: Waiting sucks! :mad:


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Feb 22, 2005
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  1. Attending Physician
Waiting is hard work. Good luck to everyone.

Are you guys going to post your ROLs? I can't help but be curious....last year most of the active forum members did this.....(after they were finalized and the deadline had passed).
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