Feb 29, 2012
Hey wonderful SD users :) I'd like some opinions on the list of schools I've formulated for this upcoming application cycle. I dont qualify for any FAP or other financial aid so I'm thinking of not having more than 15-16 schools...

The basics:
-FL resident
-4.0 sGPA, 3.99 cGPA, 29R MCAT (11BS, 10V, 8PS)
-trilingual (english, spanish, foreign language)
-immigrant from a foreign country at the age of 7
-1 school year of bench research studying human pancreatic phospholipase A2 (1st place poster board presentation at regionals, 3rd place at state)
-clinical research internship since Jan at FL hospital neuroscience and ortho research institute
-clinical shadowing internship at FL hospital (50 hrs completed)
-independent shadowing of nurses and a pediatrician/radiologist
-4 semesters of TA
-member of Student Conduct Board (attend hearings every month and issue sanctions)
-volunteering hours total: approximately 200 hrs (volunteered for an organization that feeds the homeless, in the pulmonary care unit at local hospital and currently as an interpreter for spanish speaking population at a free clinic)
-member of AMSA for 2 yrs
-6 LORs (2 science, 1 non science, 1 MD, 1 PI where i currently do research, 1 pre-med committee)

School List:

all 7 FL MD schools (univ of FL, florida state, univ of miami, univ of south FL, univ of central FL, FAU, FIU)
Drexel University
New York Medical College
SUNY Downstate
George Washington University
Univ of Maryland
Univ of Vermont
Temple University
Virginia Commonwealth
St. George's

Note: I tried to pick mostly private schools for outta state or public schools that are more OOS friendly. Please let me know what you guys think in terms of bad choices, good choices, no way at all, add/drop something etc etc based on my credentials.

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Feb 29, 2012
By all means, they are safety schools.

However, employment-wise they are not safe.

I see what you're saying and for St. George's I'm still debating (havent really looked or started the application) but I guess I was more concerned about the US OOS school :)