Listing Academic Awards In The ECs Section...

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Apr 17, 2010
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The AACOMAS instructions booklet states the following:

"Awards, such as Dean's List should be entered only once in this section. For example, an applicant who makes the Dean's List each term should enter this only once, AND ALSO note in the extracurricular section that this occurred multiple times. This will give you the opportunity to enter a date span and an explanation that you received this award numerous times. "

I've already entered the first instance of the honor roll I received in the Awards section. So, my question is how should I enter the other instances in the ECs section? Can someone provide me with an example please? I'm particularly confused as to what to enter into the "Position Title" field. Do I put "Honor Roll"? And, what do I put for "Average Weekly Hours" for instance? These are the things I'm a bit confused about.

Thanks :)

Edit: I realized that I should have posted in the "*~*~* Official AACOMAS Questions Thread 2013-2014 *~*~*" thread. I would really appreciate it if a moderator could move my post to that thread. Thanks.
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