Loma Linda

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Dec 31, 2010
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What is the exact situation with Loma Linda?
I understand that Loma Linda is religious based and concerned with a church affiliation....
Without coming off too politically incorrect.... does this mean that the school takes precedence for students of that religious background?
Are "other" religious groups less likely to be accepted into their Specialty residency programs?
For example, are Jews, Muslims, etc. less like to be accepted?

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Doctoral programs give preference to Seventh Day Adventists...but there are a ton of other non-SDAs as well

A lot of their residency spots are unofficially reserved for LLU grads...but they're also from a ton of programs across the country

I think the dental/med students have to go to mass on wednesdays...as a resident the religious presence was minimal

Their OMFS, DA , and Endo programs are pretty well regarded and worth investigating for anyone interested in those fields

Maybe @lemoncurry can chime in...he graduated a couple years ago