Loma Linda.

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Oct 14, 2003
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is there anyone who decide to attend the loma linda? I just paid deposit for llu, however i'm still confused. :( The issue of religion and tuition is not a big problem for me NOW, but!!! Is LLU really good school? I heard that LLU provides strong clinical educations,some even says that llu is the best clinical school in cali. Is this really ture? I chose LLU over columbia, USC and others. If you guys have any comments or any reasons to change my decision, Plz let me know.

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I assume that you are a Californian who wants to stay in CA.
So Columbia is out.

USC has the problem based learning and very high tuition rate.

From what I heard, LLU is the best clinical school in CA now. The location is (correction!! close to riverside, but at least 40-50 min away from Downtown LA). I think I will agree with your decision:)
Loma Linda is the best clinical school in Cali. It isn't located in Riverside, it is in Loma Linda, which is very close. Bottom line is people bash on Loma Linda for religious reasons, but it IS a very, very good school.
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I agree that Loma Linda is probably the best clinical school in Cali. My first choice is LLU hands down.
I didn't apply to Loma Linda, but in the past they have accepted a fair number of students from my undergrad. All of my buddies who applied there and then matriculated are VERY happy with their decisions, love the environment, and are pleased with their education.

For your circumstance it sounds like LLU is an excellent choice.
First of all congratulations on getting accepted to Loma Linda. I am currently a first year student and am ready to start our my second quarter. Like what everyone is saying, based upon your situation, I think Loma Linda will be best for you.

Yes, Loma Linda is one of the best (if not the best) in the nation in terms of clinical education. In addition to our large patient pool and requirements for graduation, we have opportunities to serve other countries in each of our breaks (they pay 2/3 of your trip once a year). I will be going to Nicaragua for spring break and am excited and looking forward to it. We also have short weekend trips to Mexico and the surrounding communities.

In my first quarter, we were already up in the clinics assisting D3 and D4 students. Charting, suctioning, picking up equipment at dental supply, are among other things you get to do (if you're assisting a friend he might be able to let you do some cool stuff--it all depends on the student you're assisting). I liked this a lot because it can give you hope to hang in there after failing your biochemistry midterm.

I am VERY happy here in Loma Linda, and I hope you will choose LLU as your future dental school. However, keep in mind that I am EXTREMELY happy that I chose dentistry as a career so I probably would have been happy anywhere else.

If you have any specific questions you can pm me and I will be more that happy to answer them. Good luck.
I corrected my previous post.
Wow, sbkim619
I hope you are feeling pretty good about LLU and your decision now.
Thank you so much~ guys~ :D I feel much better now!!!:clap: