Looking for a PGY 2 spot?

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Feb 28, 2008
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hello everyone, one of the pgy1's in my program is getting married and is relocating. subsequently, we will have a pgy2 spot available starting july 1st. anyone interested in a pgy2 spot at an urban program on the east coast should PM me for more info! :thumbup:

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Hi I would be interested..please tell me the details..
so apparently one of the people who PMed me about the position contacted the program director, who acknowleded that someone was leaving, but that he wasn't planning on filling the spot. so, for those of you who were interested, feel free to contact the program yourself to see if you get anywhere, but just want to give you a heads up that you may get a quick no.

and as an aside, the person who found that out could have easily posted here himself, rather than send me a SNARKY PM ALL IN CAPS asking me to clarify the situation. i was very explicit in my PMs to interested people that i had heard the PD was not planning on actively seeking/recruiting for the position, but i did not know he did not want it filled at all. MY APOLOGIES!