Sep 10, 2015
Resident [Any Field]
When I was a med student, I wasted my time at other departments doing away rotations. I didn't know that some programs are notoriously nepotistic or just don't interview their rotators. A major point of doing an away rotation is to increase your odds of getting an interview and matching, after all.

The Roger Williams program in Providence, Rhode Island, has eight fun, enthusiastic residents along with a group of dedicated, personable, and published faculty. It's a community setting with an academic affiliation with BU. We see a wide range of dermatology, including in our specialty clinics. Since we're small, however, we only occasionally get away rotators. We like having students, too. As such, I encourage anyone looking to do an away rotation and earn an interview with a good probability of matching (assuming you're cool and likable) to contact our program coordinator: [email protected].