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  1. Z

    Neurosurgery Competitiveness? (guidance on where to apply for subI's)

  2. Welshman

    MD Away Rotation Advice; No Home Program

    Hi everyone, I haven't been able to find much relevant advice for my specific situation, especially given COVID changes to the residency application process, so I thought I would ask here. I'm planning on applying to a small surgical subspecialty this year but unfortunately, my med school is a...
  3. A

    Away rotation in Heart Failure: Temporary state medical license timelines

    Hello, I'm a general cardiology fellow and have a chance to do an away rotation in Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology (the area of my interest) for a month in August. However it seems like most states have extensive paperwork requirements for obtaining a temporary license as a...
  4. A

    Question about LOR for VSAS

    Hello! I've recently applied through VSAS to aways that opened April 1. I'm currently waiting on my LORs to be uploaded by my home institution, but I only need to have one letter for completion. Is it better to have any LOR uploaded as earlier as possible vs. waiting on a specific letter that...
  5. C

    MD Otolaryngology Away Rotations in the time of COVID-19

    Good afternoon, all! I'm sure there are many questions for all of you rising MS4s looking to go in to Otolaryngology-HNS regarding away rotations. As you may already know, there have been guidelines published by many medical organizations discouraging Away Rotations, given the COVID-19 pandemic...
  6. J

    Best IR rotations in the USA

    Hello, I am a Canadian medical student interested in applying for a 1 month rotation in the US in IR. I don't know much about US radiology programs, so I was hoping to find some help here. I am VERY interested in interventional oncology, so I'll ask my question in 2 parts: - what are the...
  7. M

    short term lease in Little Rock Arkansas near UAMS

    One bedroom / one bath furnished apartment. Laminate/tile floors. Kitchen equipped with range, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher. Comes completely furnished. ALL-INCLUSIVE UTILITIES. Short and long term leases available. Walking distance to UAMS and designed for traveling or visiting...
  8. strb_thndr

    [Official] 2019-2020 PM&R Away Rotations

    Hey all! I'm a 3rd year med student applying to PM&R this fall. I wanted to start a discussion thread as a resource regarding all things VSAS/VSLO/timeline/program characteristics/student expectations/etc. for those of us planning away/audition rotations. There was a similar thread started last...
  9. S

    Workers comp coverage required for away rotation

    I'm a 3rd year student in Michigan and I'm applying to do an away rotation in Colorado (at Poudre Valley Hospital) in the fall. In emailing with the coordinator, she said that I'm required to have workers compensation insurance to rotate in Colorado. Long story short, my school doesn't provide...
  10. echidna001

    Away Rotation Advice for East Coast IM Programs

    I know the general consensus is that away rotations are unnecessary and maybe even risky for IM. I am coming from a MD state school that traditionally doesn't send a lot of students to East Coast programs. Most students I've spoken to in my class are interested in staying more local, so some of...
  11. G

    Anesthesia Away Rotation Guide for Medical Students

    This is a guide for anesthesiology away rotations for medical students, a specific topic that frequently shows up in SDN and reddit threads. It is a collection of frequently asked questions that have been answered previously on SDN. I wrote this in service to future medical students interested...
  12. P

    Does it look bad if you do all your away rotations in one state?

    If you wanted to go back home to a particular state and did all your away rotations in that state, but also applied outside of it, would it look bad to programs in states other than that one? They can see the locations of the away rotations, I presume, yes?
  13. pandadawn

    What Gen-Surg Away Rotations Did You LOVE?

    Trying to narrow down which programs would be best to do an away at. Leaning east coast, open to anywhere, thinking community based. I'm at an institution that highly recommends that we do 2+ away rotations, so please no "aways aren't beneficial" replies.
  14. medshousing

    Renting East Lansing MI Home away from home-room room to rent

    New Listing on www.MedsHousing.com MSU "Hello and welcome! We hope to provide you with a cozy and modern atmosphere to make your stay in East Lansing as enjoyable as possible. We are a short 5 minute drive to MSU, and offer access to a private bathroom for your stay. Not to mention an...
  15. P

    How to get away rotations

    Hey guys, recently started medical school. I know it is way too early to be thinking about away rotations, but our school pairs us up with a "big" and he told me about the concept of away rotations and just to have some sites in the back of your mind. My question is although Google has a lot of...
  16. toastytoes

    White Coats at Aways --- Boston students, please help!

    Hello! I am doing an away rotation next month at Massachusetts General in their children's hospital. I just realized my white coat has all sorts of stains on it that I can't show up to an away wearing, so I need a new one. Question is, do med students actually wear their white coats at Mass...
  17. Mat the coolcat

    University of Alabama EM, DO friendly...?

    Interested in UAB, and wondering how apt they are to taking/interviewing DO's...I see on their website that they only currently have one DO in all 3 classes... I currently have a EM rotation offer with them, but I'm considering finding another one if i wouldn't be considered for a residency...
  18. Mat the coolcat

    Corpus Christi or University of Alabama?

    Trying to pick between Corpus Christi ultrasound and University of Alabama EM for an away rotation (offers on both). Any insight/advice? Like which SLOE is better? Which I will learn more from? Is doing an US rotation even worth it as a med student? I have heard great things about both...
  19. P

    OSU Peds subi

    Anyone heard back about these? Any acceptances for audition season?
  20. M

    Renting San Francisco room near UCSF, $1675, short term, starting May 1st

    I have a fully furnished room. It is close to the UCSF Parnassus campus (1 mile walk) with plenty of buses/trains directly to the hospital, where you can take the shuttle to other UCSF sites. Downtown SF is 30 min by public transit and we are close by to other hospitals (Kaiser, CPMC). We...
  21. S

    IR and away rotations

    I'm interested in pursuing IR, and as a DO this is really hard to do via the integrated pathway, and in general. So the advice I've gotten is --> high quality DR program-->high quality IR fellowship. The best route for this is probably a program that has ESIR, so that I'll have a better chance...
  22. D

    Canada: Best places for Trauma Surgery rotation?

    So I want to do a trauma surg away elective, after some research and asking around, I've compiled the following list (in no particular order): Montreal general hospital Vancouver general hospital Sunnybrook (Toronto) Foothills (Calgary) ... Any other suggestions for great trauma surgery...
  23. rawrsy

    MD Away rotation application problem

    Question for med students or residents: I recently applied for an away rotation program through VSAS, and they required the application be sent 30 days prior to the requested rotation dates. I sent in everything required via VSAS, however it has been a week now since the due date and I...
  24. F

    Please help! Research at away institutions during MS4?

    TL;DR: Deciding to do a dedicated year of research at MSKCC halfway into my MS4 would be a huge life-changing decision involving geographic relocation and postponing my graduation from med school. It's a decision I would be totally happy with however, if only I knew more about whether or not its...
  25. M

    UCSF Anesthesiology Away Rotation Question

    Never mind, please disregard this post.
  26. D

    Low Step 1 - what are my reaches?

    hi! I am reaching out for advice because it has been impossible to get any from my assigned advisor. I am someone with a proven strong commitment to psychiatry but have a low Step 1 (205). I did have mitigating circumstances that my deans are well aware of and have been very supportive. During...
  27. G

    Help with SLOE and EM away elective

    hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for all the help on here, I've been reading everything and it's real helpful but I haven't encountered a problem I'm currently dealing with (and forgive me if I missed over it). So I'm a 3rd year wanting to do EM. My step1 wasn't great at all (210). I'm...
  28. HatTricks01

    Advice for an away

    Hello. Current M3 looking to apply into medicine. I've already done a lot of research regarding aways but just wanted to get your guys' advice regarding my particular situation. I attend a low tier MD state school in the north east. Step 1 high 250s, haven't taken CK or CS, Honors in all...
  29. 2

    IR Away Rotations

    I'm about to be a 4th year in an average state school in Texas and I will be applying for DR/IR residency in 2018. I'm planning on doing 2 aways and I was wondering if you guys had any experience in any programs? Any recommendations? Places should I avoid? Looking at UCSF, Stanford, UCSD...
  30. E

    Away rotations that guarantee interviews?

    Do you guys know of any programs that guarantee interviews to those who did away rotations there as long as those applicants don't have red flags?
  31. E

    Radiology Away Rotation Switching Elective

    Hey guys! I'm doing an away rotation in Radiology. The away will be after my home rotation. I was wondering if its a big deal if after my away rotation I ask to switch the elective to something else in the same department? Ex. lets say my away is for a IR but I really liked Peds rads. Can I...
  32. O

    General Advice + Away electives

    Hi everyone! I am a current MS3 applying to ophthalmology residency this year for the January 2018 match. My school's curriculum is sort of unique in the sense that we finish our core clerkships in February of our 3rd year and begin our 4th year electives in March 2017. So, I technically have a...
  33. L

    HPSP OB Away Rotations

    Hello! I am a current 3rd year (HPSP student-Army) and am looking into scheduling some away rotations for next year. The current bases that have OBGYN residency programs are: Walter Reed, SAMMC, Womack, Tripler, and Madigan. If anyone has completed an away rotation at any of these programs/is a...
  34. L

    HPSP OB Away Rotations

    Hello! I am a current 3rd year (HPSP student-Army) and am looking into scheduling some away rotations for next year. The current bases that have OBGYN residency programs are: Walter Reed, SAMMC, Womack, Tripler, and Madigan. If anyone has completed an away rotation at any of these programs/is a...
  35. Magneto1

    Dermatology Away Rotations Strategy

    A bit about me-I am a third year at an Ohio Allopathic Medical School and I'm a bit puzzled on strategically planning away rotations for Dermatology. Aside from the usual qualifications for applying to Derm (or any competitive residency i.e.-good step score, research, AOA), what is the best way...
  36. J

    MS3/MS4 Expectations for Ortho Rotations

    Looking specifically for input from Ortho residents. Scores are competitive (COMLEX 758/ USMLE 268) and I want to be as helpful a team member my 3rd/4th year as I can (third year elective is scheduled at a hospital I am interested in for residency). I'd appreciate input on expectations for me...
  37. eliteeli

    Away elective questions

    Hello all, Sorry for spamming the message board, but I don't know where else to turn (I did try too search through old threads with limited success). I would greatly appreciate advice on any (or all) of these questions. I have several questions about away electives: 1) My school is on a kind...
  38. E

    Non-VSAS Away Rotations :: Is there a list of Non-VSAS Programs?

    Hi! I applied to several EM away rotations through VSAS and have not been accepted and/or am waitlisted on them. Having applied to more popular programs or desirable locations, I only have a few more applications before I hit the 10 token limit so am wanting to apply to some programs that do...
  39. K

    Renting Roommate Wanted for Las Vegas Away in September

    I'm doing an away rotation in Las Vegas from 8/28 - 9/24 and housing seems to be cheaper if shared. I'm looking for other female roommates and am looking at these 2 places on Airbnb (both are a 10-15 min drive from the University Medical Center) --...
  40. 2

    Seeking Advice for a 4th-year rotation

    Hi, Background: I am an osteopathic medical student from the west coast currently planning out my fourth year rotations and have two options for one of the rotations occurring during audition season. Both are at DO-friendly ACGME psychiatry programs in different states away from the west coast...