1. O

    Any Ross grads or M4 going through match? Looking for advice

    I’m currently finishing my last week of M3, I did very average throughout basic sciences on the island. Currently through my cores I have B+ and the rest A.. just pending my last shelf score. I have my electives lined up, mostly IM specialties; GI, EM, Med Sub I, ICU, Pulm scheduled so far. I...
  2. K

    Will be repeating OMS1. What will I be able to match into?

    Failed 1 class in OMS1 and will be repeating the semester. Is there any chance still for me to match into EM (the field im interested in), or am I going to be limited to FM/IM? Are there any other options like neurology that are still possible? Would love to hear any success stories to raise my...
  3. throwabanana24

    Chance me - ortho or dual apply?

    Good morning everyone, I'm in the process of trying to figure out my plans for next year while I have some time. I just got my step 2 score back and I'm in the 248-252 range. I'm currently in a gap research year in an orthopedics program and I'm anticipating around 17+ research items (both...
  4. O

    What should I do when I don't match? I am applying ENT

    I just wanted to sort of map out next steps in my life and I am weighing options and such. What should I should do when I don't match? Try to find a job and reapply? Give up? What happens if I find a way to survive the year and don't give up? medical school didn't go my way but I really like...
  5. C

    Matching GS with no Research

  6. A

    Switching early PGY1

    I'm thinking about re-entering the match this year and I would like some advice. Long story short, I think I made a huge mistake matching into a surgical subspecialty. To add to insult, I matched very far from home, will have to be in a long distance relationship, and will be away from friends...
  7. M

    Class ranking?

    I'm currently evaluating schools I've gotten in to. Is there some way to tell if the school has an internal ranking/if this is noted on the MSPE? Even if schools are preclinical pass/fail, do the majority of schools have a class ranking based on clinical grades?
  8. T

    4th year schedule for FM: auditions later, "fun" rotations earlier?

    I'm a DO student, currently working on my 4th year schedule. No failures or red flags. Passed step 1/ comlex 1 first attempt. Wanting to apply FM. I have secured 3-4 away rotations at residency programs but they are all later in my 4th year. Consequently the first part of my 4th year is open. I...
  9. B

    Auditioning at programs with low number of DOs residents

    Trying to figure out my strategy for audition rotations (yuck). I have heard from a few residents/attendings that DO students will get accepted for the audition when the program was very unlikely to take a DO candidate seriously. If the program %DO numbers are low, would it be better to try to...
  10. PennyT_Med

    Activities in Medical School

    Hi everyone, I’m an MS2. I’m wondering what are some suggested extracurricular activities to help you stand out in Med School? I am currently doing research and some volunteering with different clinics but I feel like everyone is doing that! All of my friends are doing so much besides...
  11. D

    Beware of Hawaii Psychiatry Residency

    University of Hawai'i Psychiatry Residency is risky because of its legal structure, culture, and recent history. Legally, it is unique because residents are employed by a corporation known as Hawaii Residency Programs. HRP is employed by the University of Hawaii. This gives the program...
  12. T

    Chances of matching into psych?

    Hi guys, Essentially, medical school has been hell. I ended up failing anatomy in my first semester. The school had me (and others in the same boat) take spring semester off and restart with next year's class and repeat all courses. I went ahead and scored mostly B/C's in the major preclinical...
  13. T

    Feeling guilty during rotations

    Third year has been easier than I anticipated. Not because I’m super talented, instead it’s because my preceptors don’t have high expectations. I put in the effort to pass and then do what I want with my free time. Everything I read says that 4th year is even easier. I can’t imagine. I just...
  14. Doctor Rabbit

    Transitional year vs research year for IMGs aiming for ophthalmology

    Hi everyone! I’m a final year med student in Taiwan and my wife is a licensed MD in Taiwan. We both aim to pursue a career as an ophthalmologist in the States and are very concerned about our situations. As IMGs, doing a transitional year sounds amazing to us as it provides us with the...
  15. W

    Long SOM vs Dell

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out which school to rank higher on TMDSAS. I could find only one post about this from 2018. Now that 4 years have passed and Dell has become more established, I'm curious to hear other opinions on this comparison. Personally, I found the culture/ vibe at both...
  16. F

    Neurosurgery IMG and research

    Hi guys, I’m kind of new to this forum but I thought I’d give it a shot. I just finished my second year of medical school and thank God passed Step 1. I go to an IMG school that is well known (not Caribbean) and has a near 100% match rate in the US each year. I have always been super interested...
  17. bikeforlife

    Orthopedic Surgery from IM

    I have an unusual scenario and would love some advice. I applied ortho but didn’t match so I SOAPed into IM categorical and just started my PGY-1 year. I chose IM during the SOAP vs a surgical prelim or gen surg because I didn’t think that a prelim would increase my ortho odds given my scores...
  18. bashful-llama

    Applying to IM as backup, ok to apply categorical and Prelim at same place?

    Hello, I saw some previous advice on this question that was 4-5 years old so I wanted to post again and see if opinions had changed. I am a 4th year student applying to an advanced specialty and then using IM as my backup. Can I apply to an IM categorical position and a prelim position at the...
  19. R

    Residency by Location

    Hi everyone! I'm a second year medical student in the midwest; I'm originally from the East Coast, and have been pretty homesick since starting school. I am really hoping to match back closer to home, specifically NY, NJ, or MA in Anesthesiology or Emergency Medicine. Also, my partner is tied to...
  20. T

    Cardiology fellowship application 2022-2023

    Seems a bit late in the game but nobody has started a thread so far, lets get this rolling. Med school/visa: Non US-IMG Residency: Low-Mid Tier University program Step 1: 240s Step 2: 250s Step 3: 240s Research: Mostly abstracts (3 submitted as first author to conferences). Will try to get one...
  21. J

    What should I be doing right now

    If someone, like me for example, knows the specialty they want to match into, what should they be doing right now as a premed to give them a higher chance at matching? I heard that there are people who have been preparing for the specialty they want to match into since high school and because of...
  22. P

    VIRMP internship package

    Hey guys, Does anybody know approximately when VIRMP positions send out their detailed information packages (which you have matched with through the match or through open positions)? Like if the position starts in the beginning of July, typically when should you expect all the information...
  23. G

    What are my chances of matching radiology?

    Current M4, graduatingg this may 2022. went unmatched after applying ortho. Step 1 238 step 2 239, 2nd quartile of my class. Mostly HP 3rd year grades, 2 Hs peds and psych. 1 P FM. 3 ortho pubs. 4 projects. Multiple posters, 2 podiums. Plans of doing a research year, not set on where or in what...
  24. Sage of Pale Bones

    Which is more competitive (overall) for a DO applicant: PM&R vs Neurology?

    I am doing some specialty research and was wondering which of these two specialties is more competitive. Google tells me PM&R as it is often cited as one of the least competitive specialties having low board scores and not much interest by sources like and
  25. ColonelOsteotome

    Should I retake the CBSE?

  26. I

    IR/DR Rank List Help

  27. Y

    PD no response?

    Hi everyone I’m applying for IM this year and there was one particular program I was interested in. I felt good after my interview and have emailed the PD a few times and always got a response back. I sent a letter of intent last week expressing interest in the program and all. Have not received...
  28. Sidus1011

    How to approach pre-clinical years for Psych?

    I'm going to be starting my first year this fall at a D.O. school and just wanted to get a sense of how to approach my interest in psychiatry. I have been working as a guardian advocate at a local mental health facility where I get to see some of the psychotherapy and clinical aspects of psych...
  29. Z

    Neurosurgery Competitiveness? (guidance on where to apply for subI's)

  30. pedsdoc20212022

    NRMP waiver question

    Hi everyone. Unsure where to go or what to do, hoping someone can help in some way. The long story is that I’m pretty devastated by my Peds sub-specialty match result, to the point that I’m considering quitting pre-45 days, which I know would jeopardize the specialty for me pretty much...
  31. ArteryStudyPainting

    Recent malignant EM Programs?

    Hi! Are there any programs that have have been noted as malignant EM programs or otherwise not-the-best/sketchy? Specifics would be awesome but not necessary. Thanks!
  32. K

    MD Advice on FULL SPECTRUM fam med residencies please :)

    Hi all! I'm a current MS3 and looking to apply to family medicine next year. I'm from the midwest but would like to go some place new, especially interested in places with full scope practices and particularly a lot of OB experience that could ultimately allow me to be primary on c-sections...
  33. S

    Applying to Canadian Internship as an American

    It has come to my attention that both US and Canadian sites are listed as available for match on the APPIC directory. Neuropsychology is my area of specialization and there were a number of neuro internships in Canada that really caught my attention, but I wasn't sure as to the true feasibility...
  34. J

    The Mechanics of the DNR List

    Hello SDN I'd like to know. Can anybody here with any special insight on this, explain exactly how a candidate ends up on a Do Not Rank List? Does any faculty members, Program Directors or current residents have an specific vivid examples? If so drop them here so the masses can learn what not...
  35. J

    Will applying 1 year after graduating affect residency match opportunities?

    Hello, I'm new here. I will be graduating med school July 2022. I am a US-IMG looking to match into Gen Surgery or Urology Residency in the US (goal is in Texas). I understand matching is very competitive for IMGs. After looking at the requirements, most programs require 3 Letter of...
  36. J

    Research year AFTER med school?

    Hello, I'm new here. I will be graduating med school July 2022. I am a US-IMG looking to match into Gen Surgery or Urology Residency in the US (goal is in Texas). I understand matching is very competitive for IMGs. After looking at the requirements, most programs require 3 Letter of...
  37. J

    Mid-Level School after Medical School

    Hello SDN Member, I'd like to ask; Are there any members of this community that have gone to nursing or PA school after medical school? Please Comment below and Share your experiences with us? Also I'd like to ask. If you do go to mid-level school after going to medical school, what are you...
  38. lgree006

    Prisma Health-USC School of Medicine-Greenville Virtual Open House

    The Prisma Health GME is hosting a virtual open house for students this Saturday morning and next week Tuesday evening. There will be an opportunity for mock interviewing and a presentation on the virtual interview. Saturday Registration link: Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: GME...
  39. P

    Internship at AMC?

    There are some old threads on this but I haven't been able to find anything recent. I know it is super competitive so I'm wondering if anyone who has matched at AMC could share some of their stats/advice on matching there. Did you do a 4th year externship rotation there before matching? did you...
  40. D

    MD & DO UGRC Report urges major reforms in the transition to residency