1. P

    How to disclose arrests on ERAS

    Hello, I have to disclose 2 prior arrests when it comes to my ERAS app (Both are marijuana possession charges). These happens 7-6 years from when I will apply to residency. Both charges were dismissed (so no conviction) ERAS asks: 1. Have you been convicted of a felony? 2. Have you been...
  2. E

    Failed to match NSG. Reapplying to Radiology-Diagnostic. Chances?

    4th year US MD, failed to match neurosurgery, did not SOAP into anything (probably bc my app was so specific to nsgy). Going to delay graduation for med school by 1 year and apply to radiology in the Match 2021. What should I do before ERAS opens for submission? Looking for guidance, friends...
  3. E

    Failed to match NSG. Reapplying to Radiology-Diagnostic. Chances?

    4th year US MD, failed to match neurosurgery, did not SOAP into anything (probably bc my app was so specific to nsgy). Going to delay graduation for med school by 1 year and apply to radiology in the Match 2021. What should I do before ERAS opens for submission? Looking for guidance, friends...
  4. NYCking

    Cardiology or Radiology match rate?

    Hi, I'm curious as to how the two (rads and cards) are match friendly to DOs. I'm most likely going to end up at a DO school and wanted to know how hard would it be to get into IM then a cards fellowship or to get into a radiology program, especially w/ step 1 being p/f. Preferably would like to...
  5. M

    Other Unmatched Again! They Don't Care!

    Exams completed. ECFMG certified. No gaps in between and have remained consistent with work in the health field relative to gaining clinical experience. I have called numerous programs where the program directors/coordinators have straight said over the phone "I have not had a chance to check...
  6. GrabYourCoat

    What’s the latest you can take STEP 2 and still match for 2020-2021

    I’m a IMG who graduated in 2018 with US citizenship. I’m an expat who just got back late 2019. I’m studying for my STEPs and want to give STEP 1 and CS by the summer. What’s the latest I can give STEP 2 CK and still match?
  7. D

    Letting programs know about plan to uncouple from couples match

    Any thoughts on whether or not I should let programs know that I’m deciding to uncouple? Had a long discussion with my SO and I know this may not have been the popular opinion for most people, but based on our circumstances, we think it would be best if we did not do the couples match. I’m just...
  8. C_Mill

    Derm chances?

    Hey guys, I am debating whether I should take a year off to do derm research. In M3 now. Step score is a 230, I have all high pass in rotations right now. My school is fairly new and we don't have a home Derm base. I have however done research since M1. So far 1 abstract publication, 1 random...
  9. T

    Psychiatry ROL!

    Hi, I would immensely appreciate any insight and opinions on the following Psychiatry programs: - Baystate Medical Center/UMMS (Springfield, MA) - Berkshire Medical Center (Pittsfield, MA) - Harvard South Shore/Brockton VA (Brockton, MA) - Wright Center for GME (Scranton, PA) - St. Elizabeth's...
  10. docdew

    Los Angeles GPRs - trying to compile a list!

    I'm trying to compile a complete list of all the match and non-match GPR programs in LA. Here are the programs I've found so far: 1) USC 2) UCLA 3) Harbor - UCLA Medical Center 4) VA Greater LA Health Care System 5) Veterans Admin Medical Center - Sepulveda 6) Rancho Los Amigos National...
  11. RandumbmilDO

    (USAF) Civillian Deferral w/o Matching

    Quick question, and maybe I'm not adept enough at using the search function, but it doesn't seem that this has been asked on this forum before. If you are selected for a civilian deferred slot but fail to match, what happens? Are you forced to SOAP or are you placed in a transitional year? Any...
  12. Tariq Khader

    Only 1 interview, 260 step1, 267 step2 CK, should I be worried?

    Hello All. I have graduated last year top of my class, currently doing masters in health care innovation in ASU, my step1 score is 260 and step2 CK is 267, I'm a non-US IMG applying for Family Medicine. So far, I've only got 1 interview, which is very surprising to me, I started to get worried...
  13. T

    Residency application LoR delay

    I'm currently applying to the MATCH. However, 2 of my LoR were uploaded on Monday. If I apply now (with 1 LoR) and then upload those letters that are in process, am I increasing my risk of being rejected by the programs that require 3 letters? Should I wait until I have those LoR released...
  14. J

    How screwed am I for this disorderly conduct charge?

    M2 here, looking for some advice/input because SDN can be brutally honest and I think that’s what I need right now. In college, I received a citation for disorderly conduct (not a felony, not a misdemeanor) due to having a small amount of marijuana in my possession. It was a stupid thing that I...
  15. T


  16. W

    Chances of matching into pediatrics with a 202 as a USIMG?

    What are my chances of matching into pediatrics with a 202 as an IMG from Ross? I have not taken step 2 yet and my GPA is average. Additionally any advice on matching is welcomed.
  17. Asclepius293

    Failed Fam Med Shelf- Matching

    Hey everyone, Last week, my dad’s bowel perforated and he was septic the night before my fam med shelf. I was kind of out of it and took it anyways which in retrospect was very dumb. It felt like a total blur taking it. I ended up failing by a few points. Clinically, I did really well and our...
  18. E

    DO Stigma in residency/fellowship

    1st year DO student. I was well aware that DO students are at a disadvantage but I did not realize how profound the stigma against DO was in competitive IM residencies and fellowship. I've seen post where DO students scored 240-260 USMLE Step1, but still had trouble matching into MD...
  19. Asclepius293

    Matching out of State

    Hey all! Current third year student with an interest in family medicine. I'm really hoping to match out of state and was wondering if anyone had any tips on that or insight into whether that's more difficult to do in family medicine. Ideally, I'm hoping for Colorado or New Mexico area since my...
  20. B

    Chances of matching for an old IMG with moderate scores

    Hi, I graduated with MBBS in India in 2013. I went on to do residency in Internal Medicine in the 4th best institution in India and have also completed my MRCP (UK). I have 2 pubs and 5 more research experiences including posters and paper presentations. I have scored 256 in Step 1, passed Step...
  21. Itsmonday

    [Need advice] Non-US IMG with a couple of red flags

    Hello everyone, I plan to apply for the 2021 Match, I recently got my step 1 score: 246, and honestly I’ve been panicking ever since. I was hoping a 250 would save my application. My YOG was 2017 (April) and I took about 2 years of just plain procrastinating, mismanaging my depression, while...
  22. ToothJockey

    Why are Match rates so low in dentistry?

    Most specialties in dentistry hover around a 50-60% match rate. However in Medicine most specialties have 90%+ match rates, and even the toughest specialties such as Derm/Ortho/Neurosurg all have match rates 75%+. Med students make it seem as if specializing in Derm is almost impossible, you...
  23. O

    Really crappy low step 1 (21X) and want to match OB. Plz help!

    So I go to a low tier MD program and unexpectedly scored really low on Step 1. Are my chances killed for OB? especially in 2019 when it is becoming more and more competitive. I was going through a tough time during dedicated but I doubt programs will care about that. Will a boost in Step 2 help...
  24. T

    Unofficial WAMC Thread Psychiatry Residency 2020

    Posted on the old thread a while ago and didn't see a new thread, but I am looking for advice on how many programs to apply to, and what type of programs I would be considered at. I am happy to do residency anywhere, but if I could be in Cal, AZ, or Texas that would be best (I know California is...
  25. md2be89

    Best child psychiatry fellowship with a therapy focus

    Hello all, I'm applying to child fellowship this cycle. My dream for my future is to have a large private psychiatry practice with integrative medicine and therapy, with an emphasis on family therapy. In an ideal world I'd stay in the midwest. I know Vermont is known to be excellent for family...
  26. M

    Letter of Recommendation "power" question

    Hey guys, I'm an IMG applying for the 2020 Match. I have very little USCE. As a graduate (2018) they're mostly observerships and externships (< 12 weeks) In terms of a LoR... I have a few LoR from doctors who have/are: 1 - Graduated from home country but did residency and fellowship in the US...
  27. High Yield Press

    Advertisement Residency Match Advising and Professional Editorial Services for ERAS Application Documents (PS, MSPE, LORs)

    We offer personalized residency match advise. Please check our website, Our services are at a fraction of a price of competing companies and our service is top notch, check it out. Don't let small mistakes ruin your dream career. Residency Match Consults Match...
  28. Aisreb

    Residency Match: bias?

    I am an incoming MD student in the fall, and am making my final choice for the institution I will attend. I was wondering if there’s any in-state bias for residency matches. i.e. Will I necessarily have a greater chance of attending a California residency if I attend a California Medical school...
  29. D

    FMG applicant In Ortho (Yea Im one of those)

    Hey everyone, I know the general answer given to this question but I dont really know how it applies to myself I am thinking of applying for ortho as an FMG. I know the chances are low but I was just wondering what people thought of my application based below UK medical school graduate...
  30. S

    Position Swap PGY1 swap IM to anesthesia

    Matched into IM categorial in FL (university program). Looking to swap into anesthesia (any location). If interested please message me. Thank you
  31. gozes

    My take on the match process as an LGBT applicant.

    I'm deciding to make this post because in the hopes that it could be helpful to others in the future. I wasn't sure how this process was going to go for me to be honest. One of the biggest decisions I had to make before the application process was whether or not I wanted to include it as part of...
  32. blueberryjatt

    ECMFG certification for IMG

    Hi, I'm in a Caribbean medical school and have been finishing all my rotations back-to-back with minimal break time in between rotations. If I continue at this pace, I should be done by the end of July to apply for the 2020 match. My question is: Is it better to delay my rotations by taking a...
  33. D

    #DO #MD #MATCH Residency Merger 2020

    How would the 2020 merger change the chances of matching for DOs and IMGs ?
  34. S

    MATCH STATS 2019

    Match Day is tomorrow everyone! I want to wish everyone the best of luck and congratulations to us for getting through this entire process. This is based on 2018's thread. (You don't have to answer all of these, this is suggested so people can look through this thread next year and have an idea...
  35. B

    Other Chances to match in this new residency program?

    Hello guys, My first choice is a new IM program (kindly, regardless of the name), they Invited 50-60 as they mentioned, for 20 spots, My IV was one day before the rank order deadline. My overall performance is not bad at all with the IV, one interviewer (not PD, not Associate PD either) told me...
  36. K

    Match Chances?

    delete please
  37. T

    SF Match Algorithm

    Anyone know if the SF match algorithm is the same as the residency match algorithm? E.g. Does it "favor" the applicant in the same way?
  38. V

    MD What if I don't match?

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  39. ridethecliche

    Scathing Call Out of NRMP Violations

    Just saw this pop up on the interwebs recently and thought it made a pretty compelling point re: programs violating the NRMP rules. Discuss.. Assuring Integrity in the Residency Match Process : Academic Medicine (as scathing as one could theoretically be in a journal lol)
  40. D

    Letters of Intent - what's the deal

    Alright, ladies and gents. The consensus is clear on the following: - it is worth informing your #1 program - you should never lie (i.e., tell your #2, #3, etc. that they are your #1) Where the consensus is grey: - is it worth telling programs at the top of your list (but not your #1) that...