Looking for advise from current AuD students

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May 14, 2014
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I am currently enrolled in a 5 year Speech Pathology Program and just completed my sophomore year. I have been looking into switching to audiology for grad school instead of speech now. I currently have a 3.65 cumulative GPA and have not taken any sort of practice GRE yet. I have never really excelled in standardized tests, so I am worried that my GRE scores could hold me back. I am planning on shadowing an Audiologist and trying to volunteer with an Audiologist during my Junior year. I do participate in many extracurricular activities, many of which I have leadership roles in. Some include being a chair in my sorority and being a member of my school's student government association. Do any current AuD students have any tips on other things I could get involved in that would look good on my application for AuD programs? Any tips on schools or the admissions process would be greatly appreciated!

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Writing an excellent Statement of Purpose will help but other than that it sounds like you are on the right track with your extracurricular activities. I'm assuming they have service oriented volunteer activities that help in the community. I would definitely shadow an audiologist as well as possibly see if there are some conferences or educational opportunities you can go to on audiology.

Good luck!
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I agree with CDLissa about conferences and educational opportunities. I would try to get as much audiology anything as possible. It shows that you've gotten some experience and knowledge in the field and you're still serious about pursuing the degree. This is something my grad advisor (prior to admissions) told me she looked for. Quite a few people get a semester or two into the program and realize it isn't for them so programs want to see that you're serious.
I would definitely shadow an audiologist and get them to write a letter of rec. I would also take any and all audiology courses your program offers. Also see if you can audit some of the grad courses. If your college has an AuD program with a clinic, see if you can shadow in the clinic. Also you want to make sure you have some professors who know you and can write you a great letter of rec. As another poster also said make sure you write a great statement of purpose.

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