Looking for School Suggestions [cGPA = 3.78, sGPA = 3.76]

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Dec 21, 2013
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Increasing your clinical experience and shadowing should be top priority right now. The rest of your activities are excellent and your theme of mental health/psychiatry is cohesive. But just be careful working that into the personal statement; you want to talk about medicine in general as well, and not seem like a one trick pony, which is why getting as much clinical experience as possible is good.

If you get a good MCAT, and you will have a good shot.
No MCAT= no school suggestions. There are people who get into Harvard with a 3.78/39 and people who get rejected from Rosalind Franklin with a 3.78/27. Right now, your MCAT needs to be your top priority. The psych tech thing gives you plenty of clinical experience, but I agree with Lamel that you should get a clinical experience outside of psych just so you can say that you're not just interested in psychiatry.
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