May 10, 2019
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Looking for someone to submit a case report . "STEMI "
Of an unusual patient healing after in which the cardiac cells heal themselves.

date 12/27/16 42 years old after complaints a few hours. The ICU brought him within an hour after an emergency call blood Pressure 150/100 heartbeat 100 per minute ST rise 5 mm-in conctions AVF-III-II. 1924 ! troponin nanogram in Blood ACUTE MI event (0-14 Considered proper)
A left artery blocked 99% MI STEMI
Catheterization was performed with stent insertion.

ECO test :Moderate mitral failure backward leaf-Moderate function Left chamber-slight function right chamber.

Development after 2 weeks from MI haert evant - deep Q wave In connections III-AVF wide scar dead tissue on left and right chambers - . date 1/8/17

after 4 mounts "gated spect technetium" was tested 4/21/17
Test results: no evidence to old heart attack (How is this possible?)