Looking to tutor others on the MCAT. Which company is best?

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Apr 21, 2022
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Hi there,

I am looking for a position as an MCAT tutor, and I was wondering if anyone here has any experience working for the large prep companies (Kaplan, Princeton Review, Blueprint, etc.) and what the pay/hours/flexibility is like. What are the requirements to become a tutor for these companies, and what is the hiring process like?

For context, I am currently applying to med school for the first time and I am about to start my senior year of undergrad. I took the MCAT in June and scored in the 99th percentile, so I think I should be qualified for these companies strictly from a numbers perspective. I have experience tutoring children in all subjects and I have been a TA for neuroscience and biology courses in undergrad, as well as volunteered as a Gen Chem/Orgo/Bio tutor on the side.


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I can tell you that Berkeley Review teachers used to make between $27.50/hour and $75.00/hour and they got paid for preparation time as well as teaching hours and office hours. The company has folded, so those numbers don't mean anything in 2022, but those were the hourly wages last year and hopefully the market standard this year.

Your experience as a TA and tutoring would have been the biggest factor in deciding whether to interview you. The interview and teaching demonstration are everything when it comes to getting hired. MCAT score means nothing. Early on, BR looked at MCAT scores (because it seemed like a good metric for hiring a teacher), but the end result was hiring some not-so-good teachers. A person's MCAT score was no longer considered when hiring them since the late nineties. There is no correlation between getting a good score and teaching others how to get a good score.

Good luck in the application/interview.hiring process. It's a very fun job and in the right setting is the best teaching job you could ever want.
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