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imagine sisyphus happy
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Jun 23, 2003
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Yay. More stupid bans.
Maudes ruining the board more.
I am not surprised.

That's a haiku.

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I don't remember him saying anything way out there. Curiously, does it only take 1 mod to decide or is it a group. Some transparency would be nice.

Changed my image in solidarity and remembrance for 10 days.
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What?? I didn’t see anything, either (probably got deleted).

Sparda, if you’re out there, I salute you. VPN your way back as a middle aged white guy from Chicago...reincarnation is possible on the Internet, lol.
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It shows account on hold but if Sparda is banned I will quit this forum. What exactly is left here?
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Mannnnn between modest ant man and sparda being banned, this sucks.
Let's all keep it professional here, guys. Closing this thread for now :hattip:
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I'll put some transparency on here as I think it needs to be had with our frequent - senior members.

1) Sparda did not say or imply any broken terms within the pharmacy forums. Matter of fact it had nothing to do with pharmacy at all.

2) Although political discussions will surely happen as it tremendously relates to the health field, a fine line still exists and unfortunately that line was crossed in an outside forum with other health professionals.

3) When these decisions are made concerning banning and post-holds, rarely (if ever) is it one mod/admin taking full reign. It get's further discussed with other administrators / moderators.

I as well as many others enjoy Sparda and his day-to-day transitions and thoughts. He is not banned and will be coming back. At the end of the day, terms of service has to be followed: For those who may not know, here is the TOS:

Our Vision, Values, and Policies | Student Doctor Network

Seeing that this is locked down, I want to answer further inquiries regarding how the volunteer staff work. I am going to open another thread in that regard related to matters such as this (link below):

SDN Policy and Procedures - Let's Discuss! | Student Doctor Network
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