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Jul 28, 2005
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My letter of rec from my DO took a very long time to get in and once it was in now it's not on letterhead therefore my other letters can not go out without his and I'm so nervous that this is ruining my chances. What do I do?? Should I call the schools and let them know I'm just waiting on ONE letter. My DO is well known so that helps but I feel like its getting late in the game , my secondaries have been sitting at school imcomplete since early september. Should I be freaking out??

I have one interview at WVSCOM and VCOM said they'd like to ineterview me as soon as my letters come in. My application at MSU has been complete (different LORs) since early sept. and not even a word from them except that it's still in review.

Oh what to do....sometimes I get so nervous that I might have to go through this again, money, MCAT everything. Words of encouragement are greatly appreciated but honesty is too.


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Jul 14, 2002
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Some schools, and I'm not sure which, will grant you an interview if the rest of your stats are good enough and you tell them that your letter of rec is on the way. I would definitely sit on the person writing your letter and get it in ASAP. Many schools interview through May, so you're not CRITICALLY late yet, but if it's not in before Christmas you could be interviewing for a waitlist only spot. Good luck!!
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